Microsoft Office online makes formatting easy

Imperfections in your documents could be always disturbing. When you are encountered with some imperfections in your documents, rather than developing some content, you might spend time on fixing a typo, correcting the formatting error, moving a graphic and more. In coming weeks, Office Online is rolling out new updates to eliminate these distractions and help you to keep focused on matters.

Text Formatting

Office online is going to come with new auto-correction features. First implementation of the updates will make the straightforward changes like spell checks, capitalizing the first letter of the sentence. In the further updates, you will witness more advanced automatic formatting like converting the two hyphens into a dash, just like how it is done in Word.

Microsoft is also adding Format Painter to the Word online, a popular Office tool which can streamline the document design. Format painter feature let you copy formatting from the selected content and paste it onto a different set of content.

Object formatting in PowerPoint online

Although, text in your document is great, the illustrations bring life to your presentation. PowerPoint online’s latest update will let you to make your illustrations look perfect. It is very easy to select, move, resize and delete the objects with your keyboard or mouse. Smart Guide is the newly introduced feature which helps you to effortlessly align your objects with other content. Multiselect option let you to format more than one object at time. You can also move the objects outside the slide area while you format other content.

Prior to this, PowerPoint Online allow you only to view and relocate the existing tables. The latest and the upcoming updates allow you to view and relocate the existing tables. They will let you to create, edit and format your tables in the browser itself.

Easier viewing

Office online users use the services on wide range of devices ranging from Smartphone to laptop. PowerPoint Online’s new full screen view and Zooming ability in the Editing view will let you have more comfortable experience on the small screen devices. High DPI experience is also releasing for Word online for viewing PDFs.

Office online is working hard to be best place on web for the content developers.

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