Microsoft .NET preview now available for Mac and Linux

Microsoft in its annual build developer’s conference, announced new features in Windows 10 and unveiled the set of Software Development Kits to help the developers to bring the code to the the platforms that aren’t Windows based to build their apps. Microsoft announced that the latest Microsoft Azure data services for the intelligent applications, Visual Studio and .NET tools and runtimes across different platforms such as Mac and Linux and also the APIs which enable the developers to develop the feature rich apps with Office 365. Now, Microsoft .NET preview is also available for Mac and Linux platforms.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft said,

Microsoft has bold ambitions for `platforms that empower developers across Windows, Azure and Office. Together we will create more personal and intelligent experiences that empower the billions of people to achieve more.

Windows 10 opens up new platform opportunities for developers

Microsoft has announced several features in Windows 10 from new capabilities across the devices and offers new way for the developers to develop the code for Windows 10. Company has announced that its ambition is to have 1 billion active devices running on Windows 10 by 2018. Company has explained how the developers can create a single app which scales across all the Windows 10 devices, which can adapt to the different screen sizes automatically. On the universal Windows platform, developers can build their apps to the unique capabilities of every device, integrate Xbox Live and Cortana into their apps.

As the part of the Universal Windows platform, Microsoft shared how apps can scale using the Continuum for phone and enable the users to use their Phones like PCs. Microsoft has announced four new SDKs which makes it easy for the developers to bring their code to the .NET, Web, Android and iOS to the Windows store with minimal code modifications. This let the users to start with the existing code such as Android or iOS, integrate with the universal Windows platform capabilities and then distribute their new app through Windows store.

Visual Studio and Azure allow developers to build apps on multiple platforms

Microsoft previewed Azure SQL database, which let Independent Software Vendors and SaaS developers to pool the capacity across the thousands of databases, which enables those databases to benefit from the efficient resource consumption and good performance in the public cloud. Microsoft has introduced Azure SQL Data Warehouse, which is industry’s first enterprise-class cloud data warehouse service, which helps the developers to manage the enormous datasets.

Microsoft also announced the Azure Data Lake, which is open and massive data repository which has the capability to support petabyte size files and offers high speed integration with Azure Machine Learning, Azure HDInsight to quickly derive the insights from enormous amounts of data.

Microsoft has also announced the latest best-in class tools and runtimes across multiple devices and platforms which allow every developer to be more productive. Visual Studio code is now free code-focused editor which is optimized for Web and cloud apps across Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. Microsoft put a step ahead and released a preview of the .NET core for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. The company also unveiled Visual Studio 2015, which makes it easier for the developers to tailor and deploy the apps to the Windows, Android, Mac OS and Linux platforms.

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