Microsoft merges OneNote for iPad and iPhone into single app

Today, Microsoft has announced some new changes to its OneNote app for both iPad and iPhone. Microsoft is merging the OneNote for iPad and iPhone and from they are no longer separate apps. Previously OneNote is available individually for iPad and iPhone which are optimized for iPhone and iPad respectively. With the latest update, OneNote has now became a universal iOS app, which means that this app works seamlessly on any device.


Along with the new universal app, Microsoft has also introduced couple of new features for iPad. Although Microsoft has claimed it as the “universal app”, the latest features doesn’t seem to be available on iPhone.

Latest update let the users to add the widget to the Today section of the notification center which let you to create the new notes, start a to do list and access your recent notes with just a tap from notification center. Along with this Microsoft is also adding the new Recent Notes page where the users can view their most recent notes. Microsoft has also added page preview feature for iPad app. When you turn your iPad into the landscape mode, you will be able to see the page previews on sidebar.

The latest update also fixes few bugs with document/whiteboard camera feature. OneNote for iOS is now available on the App store for both iPhone and iPad users. Download it from the below link.

Download OneNote for iPad and iPhone 

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