Microsoft introducing compliance search in Office 365

Yesterday Microsoft has announced the faster and more lightweight way of searching within your data in the Office 365 online. Microsoft has introduced new capability called as Compliance Search in Office 365 Compliance Center, that is designed for the times when the full-fledged search case management of the eDiscovery search is not required. Compliance Search is perfect solution for the quick searches across the content in Office 365 like if you are searching for the specific content like credit card numbers in SharePoint as a part of Data Loss Prevention project.


Features of Compliance Search:

  • Search all your Office 365 data without limits on number of mailboxes or documents.
  • Use Keyword Query Language for advanced search.
  • Preview search results with hit highlighting.
  • Use fine-grained permissions to control what can be searched.

Like the existing Microsoft’s eDiscovery Search, Compliance Search is done in place, using already existing search system of Office 365 such that you are always searching recent, up-to-date data. Microsoft has said that,

We’re excited to announce a faster and more lightweight way of searching within your organization’s data in Office 365. Compliance search is the new capability in Office 365 Compliance center, designed for times when the full-fledged search case management of eDiscovery search isn’t required.

To use the Compliance search, just go to Office 365 Admin Center, click on Compliance to launch the Compliance center. Click on the permissions option and then grant the eDiscovery manager permission to the relevant users. These users will be now having the Search tab available in Compliance center and can create the new Compliance Searches.

Search Office 365 data without data limits

Compliance Search can be used to find the data in individual Exchange mailboxes, OneDrive for Business Locations, SharePoint sites and Skype for Business data which has been placed on hold in Exchange mailboxes. Compliance Search offers unlimited scale of searches and you are allowed to run the multiple searches simultaneously and you can search thousands of sites and mailboxes at the same time.


Use Keyword Query Language

Enter the search terms using the keyword query language and receive the estimate results such that you can get the complete insights about your data. Keyword Query Language lets you to use the keywords, Boolean logic, wildcards and searchable properties.

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