Microsoft introduces Snap fill feature to arrange Windows in a snap in Windows 10

Microsoft has introduced Aero Snap for Windows 7 which offers a way to position the Windows on the desktop like how you want them. You no longer had to frustratingly interfere with the sizes and position of the windows just to get them into the common layouts. Microsoft’s next OS Windows 8 has increased the productivity further and it is the first Operating System to support true side-by-side multitasking on both desktop and tablets as well. You need to just snap with a simple gesture and resize side-by-side apps simultaneously and watch how the apps will adjust automatically to occupy the space available on the screen.

Microsoft said that, when designing the Windows 10 they thought of helping you to be more productive by reducing the effort that it takes to manage your Windows layouts. Microsoft has offered more flexibility by allowing the store apps to run in the window with the blend of both Windows 7 and 8 for this new release. Microsoft also worked on how the PC technology has changed over the years and the proliferation of the large monitors, multi-monitor setups, touch screen, 2 in 1’s which have had all the significant impact on how the people interact with their computers.


Few months back, Microsoft has introduced the new feature called as Snap Assist for Windows 10 which much works like Windows 7. If you are running Windows 10 on your tablet then you are able to perform multi-tasking very easily just like Windows 8. Today Microsoft has introduced a new feature called as Snap Fill feature which allow you to fit the Windows independently, which means that Windows can fill the empty spaces with different sized Windows. Microsoft has said regarding this,

Snapping into perfect quarters or halves of  the screen is useful, but sometimes optimal layouts aren’t necessarily symmetrical. You might want to make your browser window large and Windows displaying your social feed for playing a video small. These kind of tweaks typically takes a large number of mouse moves to accomplish to get everything just right. In Windows 8, side-by-side Store apps automatically filled up the available space on screen without leaving any apps, making the most of the screen real estate available.

First, just like the desktop apps store apps are regular on the Windows 10 desktop, but desktop apps are now free to be individually snapped in tablet mode. Second when you enter and exit from the tablet mode, Microsoft preserve any snap layouts you might have created so that it keep your workflow. Snap Assist is even more handy in the tablet mode and snap an app, tap on the recently used app on the other side, you are instantly multitasking on your tablet.

This can be said as the great addition which allow the users to make the most of the available screen space. For any questions and to give feedback, you can head over to Windows Insider program.

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