Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome : Detailed comparison

Microsoft has introduced a brand new browser in Windows 10 called Microsoft Edge. As the Internet Explorer users are exponentially decreasing, Microsoft released this next generation browser as a competitor to the existing popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and more. Here we are comparing latest Edge browser with popular Google Chrome browser.

Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the popular and well established browser and million of users are already using this for long time now. Google Chrome is having lot of features than Microsoft Edge not only in terms of quantity, but also about quality and usefulness.

Even though Microsoft Edge is having fewer features than Google Chrome, but it is the far better browser than the Internet Explorer and those options are enough for the regular Windows user. However, this is the first version of Edge, it is having all the basic and useful features and the advanced features will be available soon.

Microsoft Edge features

  • Show/hide the favorite bar
  • Start page settings
  • Privacy settings
  • Better readability option

Google Chrome is having some advanced and useful features like OK Google integration, multi-platform synchronization over email, incognito browsing, enhanced privacy settings, password and form management, HTTPS certificate management, proxy settings and more.

Default search engine settings

Microsoft Edge doesn’t have any option to change the default search engine, which is Bing and this is one another reason Edge lags behind Google Chrome.

Extension/plugin support

Extensions and plugin support is the most important feature for any browser. As of now Edge doesn’t support any plugin or extension, but Microsoft will add this feature in future. On the other hand, Google Chrome is known for variety of extensions it supports to do the different things like blocking the ads, capturing the screenshots and more.

Bandwidth consumption

Among the existing browsers, Chrome is the one that consumes less bandwidth. Microsoft Edge will also consume almost same bandwidth. We have checked the bandwidth by loading the same webpages on both browsers. But when we played videos in Youtube, Edge consumed more bandwidth than Chrome.

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