Microsoft Edge for Windows 10 to feature background downloading ability

Microsoft has announced that its latest browser Edge will get the background download feature after release of the Windows 10 Mobile RTM Operating System. When you are downloading a large file or a document and suddenly close the browser accidentally, then the current download will be interrupted and you need to download it from the beginning.

To overcome this Microsoft is introducing the background download feature which will let your browser to download the currently downloading files in the background. This background downloading feature is expected to arrive on Windows 10 Mobile, but not immediately after launch. This is the great step forward considering the Microsoft previously said that this feature is not planned.

Microsoft’s Principal Program Manager Lead of Microsoft Edge team, Chris Morris answered on his Twitter account that to the burning question that whether this feature is available in the next build of Windows 10 or not. Morris also cited his peer Ade Bateman by stating that this feature is being worked on but this may not be available when the Windows 10 Mobile hits the RTM.

Ade Bateman, Program Manager of Microsoft Edge, stated on Twitter that, “We’re working on it but we’re not sure when it will be ready. Probably won’t be in the first release”.


Microsoft is also working on other features too, such as extension support and will likely to roll out an update to the Edge browser for Windows 10 mobile after sometime of releasing RTM. Remember that Microsoft’s Edge is an app which means that Microsoft can update it any time and push it through the Windows store.

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