Microsoft building OneClip, cross-platform cloud clipboard

Microsoft focusing on all kind of productivity apps to sync your work across the devices using cloud. One such kind of app, OneClip  leaked today by some reliable sources. The app is designed to allow the user copy whatever they want and access it on whatever device they are using. We installed it on our Windows 10 PC and pairing the devices accomplished through the generation of unique number which is then entered on other devices though OneClip application.


Once the devices are paired then anything you copy into your device clipboard, it is then shared through the OneDrive to all of other paired devices. OneClip app clips are categorized into different categories such as

  • Pinned
  • Websites
  • Images
  • Phone numbers
  • Text
  • Addresses

You can also apparently sort out the items based on the device on which the info was clipped on. OneClip comes with clean UI and it is very helpful. One branding alone works with the Microsoft’s cross platform Outlook. Like other program such as OneNote, OneDrive and Office, OneDrive is available for Windows, Windows Phone, iOS and Android platforms. Currently OneClip is available in internal beta version, but it is expected to available for public in next few months.

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