Microsoft Bing building large index of content from Android, iOS and Windows apps


Unlike the web pages, description and capabilities of the apps are hidden from search engine web crawlers, such that they are not accessible to the searchers and potential users. Microsoft is planning to overcome this with the Bing search engine to offer the users a clearer peak inside the apps, right from the search results.

Microsoft has said yesterday that it is building massive index of the apps and app actions including Windows, Android and iOS apps. Microsoft Bing team has outlined the plan, requesting the app developers to help the company in laying the technical groundwork for initiative.

Vincent Wehren, Bing Product lead for Webmaster and Publisher experiences, wrote in a post,

We also believe this to be a model that unlocks tremendous opportunity for app publishers – as many more of you will be able to compete in the crowded categories where usually a handful of category leader dominate.

Microsoft’s arch rival Google has already indexed content for Android apps, but not for the Windows and iOS apps. Google dominates United States search market with nearly 65 percent market share, then next place goes to Microsoft with nearly more than 30 percent market share including its recently revised search partnership with Yahoo.

In order to include the apps and app content in the search results, developers need to mark their apps as the outlined at Applinks and define the app actions using This is how the developers need to add the apps to the Bing index and Bing has said in a post that, it will start applying this to our results soon.

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