Microsoft announces new web browser called Microsoft Edge

Earlier this year Microsoft released a new browser on Windows 10 preview version and it is designed as a successor to Internet Explorer. At that time, it is still under the development with the code name Project Spartan. yesterday in the Microsoft’ annual developer conference at San Francisco, Microsoft has shared some additional details of this new browser and named it as Microsoft Edge. Edge is the next generation, lightweight and faster browser like Google Chrome.

This Edge browser will be part of the Windows 10 and it is the only browser to run on Windows Phone 10 devices, but users are allowed to download either Internet Explorer or Edge for PCs and larger tablets. Microsoft hasn’t disclosed any details whether this browser is available on the other mobile platforms such as Android or iOS.


The technology inside the Edge browser is completely different from the technology inside the Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer market has decreased drastically since 2012 and in this period, world has gone completely mobile and the browsing habits of the users are also changed. This generation browsers like Chrome, Firefox supports extensions, handling phone calls and applications, but Internet Explorer lacks these capabilities. So Microsoft came up with new browser to meet all the user requirements.

Edge features built-in note making capability, allow users to annotate, draw and take important notes from within the browser and share it with friends. Microsoft said that Edge uses the Blazing Fast core technology and promised speed enhancements in future. Edge offers distraction free reading mode and tab page to quickly access the frequently visiting websites.

Microsoft has built the support for Chrome and Firefox extensions into the Edge browser. So these already existing extensions will be quickly repackaged and submitted to the Microsoft’s extension portal, which gives the users the wealth of extensions which are available shortly after the browser is launched.

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