Microsoft added music section to the Windows Store beta in Windows 10

Microsoft is making lot of changes to the Windows Store in Windows 10 Operating System, which exists in beta version. Recently Microsoft has added the movie and TV to the Windows Store and today it announced that it is adding the music content to the store as well. You can now purchase your favorite from Windows Store on the go on Windows 10. Users can browse the music by top songs, albums, genre, but there are couple of caveats at the moment. For now music purchases cannot be downloaded automatically but alternatively you need to jump into the Music app to pull the downloads in.


If you are using the Xbox Pass app, you can continue to add the music to your collection from the Music app, but you need to go to Store beta for the purchases.

Microsoft has commented on this Music app and marks the removal of the Preview tag from both music and video app.

Now that the music experience is almost lit up end-to-end, we are  making few changes to get us ready for the releases of Windows 10 on July 29th. No more “Preview” – out with old and in with the new! The new music and video experiences are now default in the Windows 10 Insider Preview. Now when you launch Music and Video apps, you will get the new apps. The Preview versions will be removed in future builds.

For this is available to the Windows Insiders in the countries United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. Do remember that this new addition is unfurnished and we have to do lot more work. With this new addition it looks like the Windows Store is coming along nicely as the one-stop shop for all your app and content needs.

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