May firmware updates for Surface tablets adds lot of new features

Microsoft regularly release the firmware updates for its popular Surface series devices and recently the company has released the May firmware updates and driver updates for the Intel powered Surface devices. This set of firmware update includes some vital and major performance improvements with graphic performance and audio support.


Microsoft’s official blog states that the latest firmware will display in the Windows Update as System Firmware Update dated 5/19/2015. The firmware updates comes in a zip file and it includes the below improvements for the Surface devices.

  1. HD Graphics Family driver update (v10.18.14.4170)
    This driver update includes the improvements with the graphic performance of the Surface devices and better wireless display support.
  2. Surface Pro 3 UEFI update
    This update comes with the updated graphics driver and few changes that are required for the device compatibility.
  3. Display Audio Driver update (v6.16.00.3172)
    This update includes the device compatibility and an improved audio experience.
  4. Intel (SATA AHCI) Storage Driver update (v9.4.0.1028)
    This update includes the checks to verify the correct storage driver is installed.

The latest firmware update file contains all the May firmware and driver updates and currently these updates are available only through the SurfacePro3_150519.msi file. The latest May firmware update widens the range of the enterprise level features for the Surface device and allows you to extract more from it. This update also improve the mass deployment process and helps in bringing the Surface 3 in line with the Surface Pro 3 device.

You can download the latest firmware update through Microsoft Download center 

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