How to use Web notes in Edge on Windows 10

Microsoft has introduced new next generation web browser in Windows 10 called Edge with lot of new features and abilities. Ability to scrawl, highlight and adding the notes to the web pages are the most helpful features in Edge browser. It is very simple and easy to use.


How to use Web notes in Edge on Windows 10

  • Tap on Make a web note option located at top right corner to add the web page that you are on.
  • Now the web note menu will be displayed on the top, replacing the address bar.
  • Use either highlighter, pen or caption box to add the notes to the page. If you have made any mistakes then use eraser to erase them.
  • Now tap the arrow button when you want to scroll up or down the page.

That’s it, this is how to save the web notes on Edge browser in Windows 10. You can also save that note onto the OneNote, your reading list and your favourites. Use share button to share your marked up note through email, Facebook and Twitter. By default, the complete page will be saved or shared. For long pages you don’t want to save the complete pages, here you can use the crop button to select the section that you want to save or share.

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