How to use Snap Assist in Windows 10

Microsoft has introduced new snapping feature called Snap Assist in Windows 10. Snapping is the great way to use your PC’s screen real estate more efficiently. To snap a window in Windows 10, you just need to drag the title bar to the edge of the screen. Although Snap feature is already available in previous Windows versions, but more enhancements were added in Windows 10. Let us see here how to use this feature.

Windows 10-SnapAssist

How to use Snap Assist in Windows 10

  • Drag the title bar to the top edge of your PC screen to maximize the window which you were on.
  • Drag the title bar either to the left or right edge of your PC screen to snap the application to right or left.
  • Snap the app to any four corners on the screen by dragging the title bar to those corners.

If any other Windows were opened after snapping one window, you will see the Snap Assist, which displays the other apps as the thumbnails on available space. Now click on anyone of the thumbnails to snap in that space. Snapping can not only be done using touchscreen, mouse or trackpad, it can also done with the keyboard shortcuts. Press and hold the Windows key and press any arrows key to snap Windows into single place.

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