How to use Bing Pulse 2.0 for your events

In the new era, everyone has got the equal rights to share their ideas and to achieve this media has played a key role. Only less number of people can use media to present their ideas and to take stand for their thoughts. But with the emergence of social media everyone has got the platform to communicate with all. Microsoft has introduced Bing Pulse service last year and recently released its next version Bing Pulse 2.0, which brings media a step closer to common man.

Coming to Bing Pulse, it is an interactive platform which lets the organizers, broadcasters and other organizations to to enable conversations and let their real time viewers share their views through poll or feedback. Recently popular media agency CBS News also adopted the Bing Pulse service for their event on 50th anniversary of US Civil Rights act. Then Microsoft took an initiative and made some improvements to Bing Pulse service and updated it to Bing Pulse 2.0 beta.


What’s New

  • Bing Pulse 2.0 version provides easy to use version of the voting technology to the event planners, producers and participants for different sizes ranging from 10 to millions.
  • Participants are now allowed to make well versed decisions about viewed content by analyzing thoughts of those who involved in the real-time polling.
  • Event managers, advertisers and producers can easily with their audiences more effectively on second screens and deliver them best content and improve their products and services from the feedback of their viewers.
  • Bing 2.0 comes with advanced producer dashboard which let the organizers to easily create, customize and control pulse for their event.
  • Participants can directly vote from their web enabled services.
  • You can poll from your browser and with a click you can share your ideas with speakers in every 5 seconds.
  • Anonymous voting in introduced in Bing 2.0 for the privacy protection of the users.

How to use Bing Pulse 2.0 for your events

  • Create a new account at Bing Pulse.
  • On your account dashboard, click on Add new Pulse button to create new Pulse.
  • Fill in the details for your Pulse such as name, date, time, duration, venue, number of participants expected and other details.
  • After filling the details, click on Save and check green box on your dashboard which display the message Pulse created successfully.
  • You can manage your Pulse directly from your dashboard.

How to participate in Bing Pulse

  • Visit the event page on your device and fill in your details before voting.
  • Vote in every 5 seconds as per your choice depending on what you are listening using demographics displayed on your page.

When Bing Pulse 2.0 is in beta it is free until 1/31/2015. But now, Bing Pulse is divided into three plans as shown below.

  • Silver Pulse pricing $200 + value offering 30 Pulse minutes, 2 Poll questions and unlimited participants & votes.
  • Gold Pulse pricing $500 + value offering 60 Pulse minutes, 5 Poll questions and unlimited participants & votes.
  • Platinum Pulse pricing $1000 + value offering unlimited Pulse minutes, unlimited Poll questions and unlimited participants & votes.

Click here to start creating your event on Bing Pulse 2.0.

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