How to upgrade to Office 2016 Preview from Office 365

Last week, Microsoft has announced the Office 2016 Preview for public to test out its features and send the feedback to the developers. If you are an Office 365 subscriber or Office 2013 already, then it is very easy and few clicks away to upgrade to Office 2016 and here is how to do.

How to upgrade to Office 2016 Preview from Office 365

  • First navigate to the Office 365  account page and then log in with your credentials. After logging in click on Language and install options.


  • Now in the next screen select Additional install options.
  • Now you need to select either 32 bot or 64 bit version of the Office 2016 Preview to install.
  • Now a quick file will download, then launch it and wait until the new Office Preview version is installed.


  • That’s it, once the Preview has been installed, you can start checking out the new features.

Windows Preview software considerations

Note that installing the Office 2016 on one PC or other device, doesn’t upgrade any other devices to it. So if you want to install it on other devices, then you need to go through the install process on every device. Another most important thing you need to know is that for this you need to running Windows 7 or higher and also you also cannot install Office 2016 Preview with Office 2013 side-by-side.

If you upgrade through Office 365, then it uninstalls Office 2013 first and you are only left with the Preview. This is the reason that we don’t recommend one to install Office 2016  on your primary production computer. The final version of the Office 2016 is expected to be available very soon and will be ready for the prime-time on your main production PCs and other devices as well.

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