How to update security key for WiFi network in Windows

WiFis is the important component for any modern day laptop or computer, which let you connect your PC to the internet without need of any cable. Daily we come across lot of WiFi networks and when you came in the range of the previously connected WiFi network, then your device will connect to that network automatically, irrespective of whether it is secure or not. In some cases you need to update the WiFi network security password on your device, such that you can connect to the network.

If you are unaware of this, then here we are going to show you how to update the security password for the specific WiFi network. Generally this can be done using the command prompt. Here we explained the command prompt method and manual method.

How to update security key for WiFi network in Windows

1. Manual Method
  • Press Win+R keys to launch RUN dialog box and here enter ncpa.cpl in it and hit enter key.
  • This action will open Network connections window, right click on the WiFi option and select Status.


  • In the WiFi status window click on Wireless properties button and this will open Windows Phone Wireless Network properties window.
  • Here in the Network Security key textbox, change and give the new password.
  • Finally click on OK and exit from the network connections window.

That’s it, now try to connect to the Wi-Fi network and if the network is correct, then you will be connected to the network.

2. Using Command Prompt
  • Press Win+R keys to launch RUN dialog box and type cmd.exe to launch Command Prompt.
  • Once command prompt is opened execute the below command
    netsh wlan show profiles


  • If you want to see the properties of that particular Wireless network then use the below command.
    netsh wlan show profiles name=”profilename
  • Replace profilename in the above command with the WiFi network name for which you are updating the password.
  • Now execute the below command which will clear the existing security key of that particular Wi-Fi network.
    netsh wlan show profiles name=”profilename” key=clear

That’s it, restart your computer for the changes to take place and from next time whenever you try to connect to the same Wi-Fi network, then it will ask for the new key. Here you need to enter the news passkey of the Wi-Fi network and it will take seconds to verify the passkey and after verification you will be connected to that Wi-Fi network.

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