How to transfer contacts from Windows 8 people app to Outlook

It is always a good thing to store all the contacts in single place and here comes Outlook which find its potent use in such cases. This application let you store all your emails, calendars, contacts and everything in single place in an organized manner. But is a but uphill task and not as easy as it looks. Transferring the contacts from Google, Yahoo and other services is bit tricky,  but what about the contacts hiding in People app for Windows 8.1. Here let us see how to transfer the contacts from the People’s App to Outlook.

How to transfer contacts from Windows 8 people app to Outlook

  • Launch the Outlook app, click on the File and click on Add Account button.
  • This will open Add Account screen and here enter the necessary information which is required to add your Name, Email address and password details and click on Next button.
  • If you want to configure others, then select Manual setup or additional server types option and click on Next option to complete the process.
  • All your contacts will be stored in the different contacts, you need to export the contacts to your Outlook account. It is very easy, just open the Internet Explorer browser and login to your or account.
  • Next to the Outlook icon, you will find a drop-down arrow, click on it and click on People tile.
  • In the people screen, under Manage section select export option.


  • Then select Save File and then click on OK. Now save the downloaded .csv file on to your desktop.

That’s it, next thing is you need to import the contacts into Outlook as shown below. However this is bit complicated, the below write-up help you to perform this task easily.

Importing contacts from People app to Outlook

  • Open the Outlook 2013 app, click on Import/Export option in the right side pane. This will open Import and Export wizard to start.
  • When wizard open, select Import from another program or file option from the drop-down under Choose an action perform label and click on Next button.


  • Then select Comma Separated Values option and then click on Next option. Here locate the .csv file which you would like to import.
  • Under options, select whether to replace the existing contacts, create the duplicate contacts, or not import duplicates options.
  • Click on Next and select the destination for your contacts and by default, contacts will be selected, but this not the destination and scroll up and down till you find it and then click on Next and make sure that the check box present next to Import MyContacts.csv is selected.


  • Here wait for a moment and locate your CSV file columns to the Outlook contact fields. Click on Map Custom Fields button and this will open Map Custom Fields dialog box.


  • Now under From section on the left, you will get a box with column names from CSV file that you are importing. Similarly under To you will find standard fields that Outlook use for contacts. If the field matches the columns in CSV file and you will find the column under from.
  • Here you need to some mapping manually to find the suitable match. In the right pane, scroll down and you will find other address, with a + sign next to it. Click on it to expand and under it, you will find the perfect match.
  • To map drag entry from the left and drop it to the other suitable entry in right side pane. Once completed, entries would appear in desired mapped from.
  • Drag remaining values from the left pane, one at time to appropriate Outlook fields in right side pane.

That’s it, finally click on Finish and you have completed importing of contacts from Windows 8 People app to Outlook 2013. This is how to migrate the contacts from the people app to Outlook 2013 and import back.

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