How to stream Xbox One games onto your Windows 10 PC

After release of Windows 10, playing Xbox One games on Windows 10 PC has become the hottest thing, which means that streaming the Xbox One games on to Windows 10 PC. For this you need to own a Xbox One gaming console. This is more useful for those who share TV or monitor in their home.

How to stream Xbox One games onto your Windows 10 PC

Before proceeding, remember one thing that this works only over a local network.

Make sure that Windows 10 is installed on your PC and your Xbox One is connected to internet. Also make sure that both your Windows 10 PC and Xbox One are running on latest versions.

  • First connect Xbox One controller to the Windows 10 PC using USB. Wait for sometime for Windows to install the drivers and then open Xbox app on your PC.
  • If you are not having a Xbox  Live account already, then create it and login.
  • On the left side, you will find Connect, click on it. Now add your Xbox One device from the list of devices available to connect.
  • Click on Test streaming and here Microsoft will go through the speed test to make sure that Internet speed is fast enough.
  • Click on Stream and now the Xbox One content will be displayed on your computer.

It is that easy to stream the Xbox One games on to your PC and remember that keyboard and mouse will not work in this context. Microsoft should release on update in future which supports mouse and keyboard.

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