How to start multiple programs in Windows as batch

If you are performing repetitive task and need to open the same applications everyday then you need to know how to start the multiple programs at once in Windows. If you open few applications every morning, let us consider Google chrome for internet, visual studio for writing code and Photoshop for some designing purposes. Instead of opening these programs separately, it is better to create a batch file, which allow to open all the three applications at once. Let us see here how to create the batch files for opening multiple programs at once.

How to start multiple programs in Windows as batch

  • Open Notepad and copy and paste the below line as first line in the file
    @echo off

Echo off command basically tells the Windows to not to give any messages or popup windows when running the commands in the batch file.

  • Now paste the executable link of the programs which you want to open in batch. Here we will paste Google Chrome, Visual studio and Microsoft Outlook, so next three lines should be like this.

start “Chrome” “C:Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplicationchrome.exe”
start “Outlook” “C:Program FilesMicrosoft OfficeOffice12Outlook.exe”
start “VisualStudio” “C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 2012vfp9.exe”

  • Above command has three parts, Start is used in batch files to open applications, App Name represents the program which you would like to open and App path, path to the executable file for the program.
  • To get the path of a program just right click on the application icon and click on properties. In the properties click on shortcut tab and copy the path in the target box and copy and paste the path into mybatch file script.


  • After pasting all the paths of the programs which you want to open in a batch file in Notepad and save it as a batch file. For this name the file as name.bat and finally change the SaveAsType to All Files instead of text documents.

That’s it, you have successfully created the batch file and you need to test out your batch files and check whether all the programs will load up. You can also notice that application loads faster through the batch file compared to how they load regularly.

How to schedule batch file on the system startup

We have created the batch file successfully, now let us see here how to schedule our batch files to run when we start windows.

  • For this you need to open task scheduler by typing task scheduler in search box.
  • In the task scheduler window, search for Create Basic task in right hand side and click on it.


  • Now give some meaningful name for your task and you can even give some description for that and click on Next when done.
  • Then click on Trigger option located below to create a basic task and here it will ask when do you want the task to start. Here in our case we want the applications to startup whenever we log on to our computer, so choose When I Log on option.


  • Next step is select the action and here select Start a program.
  • Finally select the batch file which you want to run on the system startup. Click on the browse button and go to the location where you saved the batch file.
  • Click on Next and click on Finish.

Now restart your computer and check for the programs are opening or not on the system startup.

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