How to speed up your Windows PC

Is your Windows PC us running at very slow pace and are you frustrated with its speed?, then you could upgrade your PC using Solid State Drive, but it is expensive. There are some easier and cheaper methods to speed up your Windows PC. Few methods like installing the latest updates and cleaning of your hard drive makes your PC run more efficiently. Let us see here few different ways to speed up your Windows PC.



 How to speed up your Windows PC

1. Update Software

Updating your system software to the latest version is one of the best things to improve the speed of the PC. In Windows you can check for the latest updates by navigating to Control Panel > System and Security > Check for updates. Then follow the onscreen instructions to install the updates

2. Clean your files

If you are having decent knowledge on computer, then you may know computers will overrun with the unnecessary files that consumes some space and bog down your PC. So go through your files and delete any outdated files from your PC. Deleting any programs and applications which you doesn’t use can also free up some valuable hard drive space and also delete temporary internet cookies and trial apps.

To delete the unwanted apps, navigate to Control panel > Programs > Uninstall program. To delete the unwanted files, just right click on the files and click on delete or just drag and drop it to Recycle Bin. Backing up your files, music and other data to cloud storage server will also help to speed up your PC.

3. Defragment your hard drive

When you search for anything on the hard drive, then it will search for multiple locations which may slow down your PC. Defragmenting the hard drive can clear up the mess and organizes it and makes it easier for your PC to find something when you search. Defragmenting is the very easy thing to do.

If you are using Windows Vista or higher versions, then your hard drive will automatically defragments itself. If you want to check when fragmenting is happening and to change when it is scheduled to happen, then go to Control Panel > System and security > Administrative tools. Here you will find an options to defragment the hard drive manually and this process may take at least from minutes to couple of hours and this depends on how bogged down your PC is.

4. Optimize your PC with native and third party software

Few third party programs can increase your PC speed drastically. Antivirus and registry cleaner programs will clean up the browser histories, deleting unnecessary files, unburdening your PC and improves the overall speed of your PC. Antivirus softwares like AVG Antivirus and BitDefender are two best antivirus programs which can speed up processes on your system. Registry cleaner programs are also the best way to clean out junk and fixing errors on your PC.

5. Clean your vents

Vents on your PC will prevent the overheating and promote ventilation. Dirty vents on your PC can lead to overheating, crashes, random reboots and slow down the performance as well. Can of compressed air can be used to clean the vents on your PC If you are not comfortable in doing this task, then just take your laptop to the nearest laptop service center.

These tips will help your PC to run faster or make zero progress and run like before. If your PC still runs slow then it is the time for upgrading your PC.

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