How to setup Hello facial recognition in Windows 10

Windows Hello is the new feature in Windows 10 which requires just the webcam on your PC or laptop, but it requires a special array with Intel currently offering the hardware with its RealSense set ups. Using the RealSense camera either it may be built in or an external one, you can setup Windows Hello to log into your PC without need of touching a button and so verify your identity and complete the purchases in the Store. Let us see here how to setup it.

How to setup Hello facial recognition in Windows 10

  • Open Settings and click on Accounts and then Sign-in options.
  • Before using the Windows Hello, you need to set up a PIN code. For this click on Add button under PIN to set that. After completing that the options to set up Windows Hello will unlock.


  • Now you can see which options are available to set up under Windows Hello. Click on Set Up button.
  • In the next screen you will get a background on what Windows Hello is and click on Get Started.
  • In the next step place your face at the center of the frame that appears on the screen and the camera will register your face.
  • After setting up you will have an option which allow you to improve recognition.
  • When you go back to the settings,you will find an option to improve the recognition, remove your face and toggle to turn or unlocking your PC when it recognizes your face and an added security option need you to turn your face right and left for verification.

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  • Niraj

    is it not possible to setup this feature without Intel RealSense camera ?? what are the options with regular inbuilt webcam