How to securely delete trash in Windows

If you delete the files from your PC’s Recycle Bin doesn’t mean that they are deleted forever because there are lot of file recovering applications which can get back the deleted data. So you may need to use the applications such as Eraser to delete your personal data securely. Here we are going to discuss about Eraser which is a freeware application which perfectly integrates into Windows Explorer which let you to just right click on Recycle Bin and delete the data securely.

Eraser is the third party application which let you to delete files and folders on demand or schedule file deletion at any specified time in future. It offers almost 13 different deleting techniques which ensures that the data you deleted is completely irrecoverable. First method is Eraser’s default setting and the other two DoD methods are next most commonly used methods.

  1. Gutmann method
  2. US DoD 5220.22-M standard 3-pass Method
    1. US DoD 5220.22-M standard 7-pass Method

Eraser is available in two versions, first one is portable version which consumes just 3 MB and can be downloaded from here. Full version of Eraser is available in three different versions and they can be downloaded from here.

After downloading the installation file, install it on your PC. The advantage of downloading full version over portable version is that you can it to the context menu such that you can even erase the files securely without sending them to the Recycle bin first.

How to securely delete trash in Windows

Select the Deletion method

US DoD 5220.22-M standard 3-pass or 7-pass methods are faster choices compared to the default Gutmann method 35-pass. Just double click on the Eraser desktop icon and click on Settings and change the eraser setting and click on Save Settings button.


If you don’t like to create the schedule or you want to delete the files from Explorer, then you can do that by just right clicking on the file and from the context menu. Select the file which you want to delete then right click on it and from the context menu select Eraser and it will open another sub context menu and here select whether you want to erase the file now or next computer restart. You can even follow the same procedure for files in the Recycle Bin.


Creating a delete schedule

After installing Eraser, double click on the Eraser icon on desktop and the first screen you will see is Eraser schedule, here if you click arrow on top it will show the options to create new tasks or import or export task lists. Using this you can schedule the regular deletion of files or folders.

Eraser-schedule task

Create a new task, give it a meaningful name and select the schedule command for deletion and finally click on Add Data to specify the folders. Select the deletion method or just leave it without making any changes if you want to use it as default method. Now select the folder where the Google Chrome browsing history is stored and uncheck Delete folder if empty option. Finally click on OK and create the schedule by editing it. After implementing the changes you will see your scheduled task will be repeated at certain time period. If you want to delete the task, go to Erase schedule, right click on task and select Delete task option.

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