How to search Windows Registry keys and settings

Whenever we write about fixing some error or tweaking the system settings then the first method we prefer to use is editing the Windows registry. When you try to modify the registry editor settings, then if you should know the full path of the registry key, then things will go fine. You can just easily navigate to the key by just expanding the tree. However this will take some time, but the easier way would be just searching the registry key and directly jump to it. Windows Registry keys, values and settings can be searched using built-in Regedit’s Find box or alternatively you can use feature rich third party programs like Registry Finder or RegScanner application.

How to search Windows Registry keys and settings

Launch Windows Registry by running Regedit command in RUN dialog box . You can search for any key using the Find feature in Windows Registry. You can find it by clicking on edit menu and select Find option. This will bring Find dialog box and here search for the items in the Windows Registry using the Keys, Values and Data. Pressing F3 key will take you to all the found searches, one after other.


Search function in the Registry Editor is very basic, but they comes built-in. There are some third party utilities to search the Windows Registry keys and values. Let us have a look at them.


RegScanner is a free registry finder and the scanner utility which let you to scan your PC’s registry, find the desired registry values and show them in a single list. Double click on the desired item from the search list and it will take you to that key instantly. This application also allow you to export the found registry values into .reg file.

It comes with a feature which allow you to jump directly to any item from the path copied by your clipboard. If you had copied the Registry from Word or Notepad and open RegScanner and from file menu select open clipboard text in RegEdit or press F7 and this will open Regedit and take you to the copied key.

Download RegScanner

Registry Finder

Registry finder is an another portable application which let you search the Windows Registry. When you search for any key this will displays the results in the list which allow you to edit items or jump to items in Regedit and you can save the results in text or .reg file. It also has an replace feature which allow you to replace the string with another. All operations you perform like deleting and replacing can be redone or undone. Even you can search for the hidden keys, which are not accessible using the Registry Editor. Hidden keys are those which are having the null character in their name.

Download Registry Finder

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