How to restrict others from modifying word file

Have you ever bothered about your file has been modified or removed some content by your team members or others.  It will be real worry for you, if someone in your team has removed or modified something which is very important without backing up the document. Not to worry about his, as Microsoft has introduced a built-in feature for Word which has the ability to restrict the users from editing the document. It is very easy to prevent any users from making changes your document, let us see here how to do it.

How to restrict others from modifying word file

Before enabling the content restriction feature in Word, you need to enable the Developer tab in ribbon interface. By default, the developer tab will be hidden and it contains all the advanced settings.

  • To enable the developer tab, click on File and select options from the left sidebar.
  • This will take you to the Options dialog box and here go to customize ribbon tab and select the checkbox beside Developer under Main tabs column and click on OK to save the changes.


  • Now select the content which you want to lock with the mouse and then click on Rich text content control button present next to COM add-Ins button and this will create the visible boundary around the text you have selected. If you want you can also click on the Plain Text content control option.


  • Now click on properties, which will open Content control properties window. Here give a meaningful title and select both Content control cannot be deleted and contents cannot be edited checkboxes present at bottom under Locking category. You can also modify things like colors, boundaries and more. After completing the changes click on OK for the changes to take place.

That’s it, the selected content will now be locked and no one can edit this file unless the lock is removed from the properties window. You can also other content other than text such as images and the procedure is same for locking images also. Just select the image which you want to lock and lock it from the Content control properties.

That’s it, it is that easy to restrict the users from modifying any content of your word file. Another good thing about this feature is that, other parts of the file which are not locked can be still modified.

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