How to record your screen using built-in screen recorder in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with a great feature that allow you to record any application on your PC. Windows 10 also features the new Xbox app that packs support of GameDVR. We are glad to reveal that, Windows 10 will offer you a way to record your screen using the built-in screen recorder in Windows 10.

To record the screen on your Windows 10, just press Win+G keys on your PC keyboard with any application windows is open and now Game DVR menu will pop-up. Then, click on the checkbox This is a game and you will be navigated to the simple interface and here you can capture the screenshot and record your screen. Just press the red color record icon and this will start recording your screen.

After completing recording click on the stop button, video file is built and this ends up in Videos > Captures. It is very easy to access the captures using Xbox app in GameDVR section. It also got the ability to trim the video, now choose between saving over original or creating new video.

If default recording fails, press settings icon on recording toolbar and configure the things such as length of recording automatically. When you try to share recording from Xbox app, you will get an error saying “Sorry, this is not shareable because we do not recognize this game”. This will prohibit you from sharing the non-gaming related screen recording on Xbox Live. The file that is generated is an MP4 file with 30 fps and 5,000 kbps bitrate.

If you are looking for the free alternative tool that allow you to record high-resolution videos then you can download Open Broadcaster software. 

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