How to pin Windows Update to Windows 8 taskbar

Windows Operating System let you to pin most of the applications directly on to the taskbar which allow you to quick access the application. But however the same will not happen with the Windows update. Though it is very simple to pin it to the Windows 8 Start screen or Windows 7 Start menu, but it is simple and straight forward to pin it to the taskbar on desktop. Here let us see how to pin the Windows update icon to the Windows taskbar and start screen or start menu in Windows 8/7.

How to pin Windows Update to Windows 8 taskbar

  • Press Win+X keys to launch Power user menu and from the list of options click on Control Panel and here drag and drop Windows update on to the desktop. Alternatively you can also select Create shortcut instead and its shortcut will be created on your desktop.
  • Right click on the icon and select Properties option and under Shortcut tab paste the following address for the target field.
    cmd /c wuapp.exe
  • If this doesn’t work and you are unable to change the target field, then you need to do the following. Delete the shortcut which you have created. Now right click on empty space on your desktop and select New > Shortcut.
  • Now enter the following in the location path and name it Windows update and then click on Next.
     cmd /c wuapp.exe
  • This will create a shortcut on the desktop and now right click on the icon and select Properties. This will open Update Notification properties window.
  • Here under the Shortcut tab, change Run to Minimized and then click on OK.


  • Now click on the change icon and then enter the icon path as
  • Click on OK/Apply and the icon will change.
  • Finally right click on the Windows update icon you have created just now on the desktop screen. Now you will find Pin to Taskbar option here and click on it. That’s it, the shortcut will be pinned to the taskbar. Else you could just drag and drop it on to your Taskbar.

Just the single click on the taskbar icon will open the Windows update settings directly which is very convenient.

Pin Windows Update to start menu or start screen in Windows 7/8

This is very simple procedure. Just open the control panel and right click on the Windows update and select Pin to start option, then you will find the shortcut pinned to the start menu.

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