How to manually start and stop automatic maintenance in Windows 8

Windows 8 has lot of interesting features and these features and already existing features are also working more efficiently when compared to Windows 7 and Vista. Automatic maintenance is one of the amazing feature comes with Windows 8 that runs in background and ensures that your PC is running in good condition. The name itself tells that, automatic maintenance runs automatically, but Microsoft doesn’t provided any way to disable this feature.

Automatic maintenance will automatically update your PC, scan for the viruses and potential malware files on your computer, disk fragmentation, system diagnostics and more. This will run your when you computer is in idle condition and it doesn’t disturb you when you are working. But some times you want to manually start or stop the automatic maintenance feature. Let us see here how you can do it.

How to manually start and stop automatic maintenance in Windows 8

Start Maintenance

  • Firs press Win+X keys to open Power User menu and select Control Panel from the list of options. Once the Control Panel is opened select Action Center option from the list of options.
  • In the Action Center, click on the dropdown button present next to maintenance and in the next screen select Start maintenance option to start the automatic maintenance feature automatically.


Stop Maintenance

  • Whenever the maintenance is running in the background, then you will see small icon in the notification area.


  • To stop the automatic maintenance, open control panel on your PC and here click on Action Center and click on the dropdown button pesent next to the Maintenance option.
  • Here click on the Stop maintenance link to stop the automatic maintenance on your computer.

That’s it, it is very easy to start and stop the automatic maintenance on your Windows 8 PC. It is recommended that allow the Windows to run the job by itself, because it will take care of every small issue like updates and security scans.

If you don’t want the small icon to be displayed in the notification center when the automatic maintenance is running, then go to Control Panel > Action Center > Change action center settings and uncheck the Automatic maintenance option and click on the OK button to apply the changes.


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