How to manage Windows services in Windows 8

Windows service is an executable file which runs in background in Windows 8 and they start with the Windows startup. Main use of these services is to run in background and keep performing any particular task and trigger an action whenever needed. There are two major groups of services, first one includes default services from Microsoft whereas the second one includes the services created by thrid party software.

How to manage Windows services in Windows 8

Windows offers different ways to access and manage the services installed on your Windows 8 PC.

1.Task Manager

Task Manager is the most important tool in Windows which makes it easy to find out the running services in Windows 8. Launch task manager and click on Services tab and this will display all the services running on your PC.


2. Services Management Console


If you want to get more information regarding services, then go to run and type services.msc. This will open services management console and here you can view and manage all the services. Advantage of using management console to manage services is that you will get description of every service which makes it easier for you to choose what to do with the service.

How to view the services created by third party software

Generally, you will see the list of services which include the services from Microsoft and other third part applications. If you want Task Manager, follow the below steps.

  • Go to run and type msconfig to open Microsoft Configuration Utility. This will open System configuration window.
  • Here click on service tab and check Hide all Microsoft services.

This action will hide all Microsoft-related services and display only the third party services. If you want to display Microsoft services too then uncheck any services to remove them from running in background.

Disable services without any complication

Some services running on the PC in background are very essential and disabling them will cause whole PC to malfunction. If you are not sure about which services are disabled and which you need to keep running constantly, then you can use Vista Services Optimizer software.

  • Download Vista Services Optimizer software from here and it works on Windows 8 too. This will try to install some extra software along with this. So you need to click on Decline instead of Accept to install Vista Service optimizer alone.
  • Open Vista Services Optimizer and click on Automatic Tuneup button and it will open a new window where you can choose the options what you needed.
  • After completing click on OK button and then on Optimize button. It will automatically enable or disable the services according to the information shown to you.
  • After optimizing restart the PC for the applied settings to take effect.

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