How to manage accounts in mail and calendar app in Windows 10

Recently, Microsoft as released Windows 10 Technical Preview and from then the company is releasing builds frequently. Microsoft has included two new apps Calendar and Mail. Though they are two different apps, they work close to each other. Mail and Calendar apps replace the already existing ones in Windows 8.1 with the brand new look with the Windows 10 modern design and it makes easy for the users to use.

Currently Mail and Calendar apps are in preview and they offer only basic features, and those who are using Windows 10 can test these new apps. Here in this article we are going to show you how to set up the multiple user accounts and how to resolves some issues which you may get around.

Mail and Calendar apps that comes with Windows 10 more options to configure different email accounts compared to its Windows 8.1 equivalents. Another notable feature is that Calendar app users can now able to sync and view their Google Calendar, which is not available with Windows 8.1 Calendar app. Here let us see how to manage the multiple accounts in Calendar and Mail apps in Windows 10.

How to manage accounts in mail and calendar app in Windows 10

Adding New accounts

When you first sign into the Mail or Calendar apps with your Microsoft account, both these apps are smart enough to detect the account with which you have signed in and add it automatically. You can also add two or more accounts from the beginning itself. Once the app is launched and you want to add the accounts then it do have a different procedure.

In both apps, you will find a bar with set of buttons in the left-bottom corner in the app screen to switch back and forth between apps, a button and gear buttons to get the settings page. To add the new account, click on settings button and Accounts, this will list all the current accounts and click on Add Account.


This will open a dialog box with the services which you can connect to the app. Click on the Exchange option to add all the different Microsoft accounts. Then you will be asked to enter the account information, but every page looks bit different, but ask for the same information such as email and password and also you need to provide the additional information such as POP and IMAP settings.

After entering all the required information, click on Sign in and new account will be added to list in the left pane. Now the emails will start downloading immediately.

Renaming and deleting accounts

Depending on the account you added, you may not get the option to name your account, this makes confusing if you are using multiple email address from same email service. This may change with the future updates, but for now you need to rename your account by clicking on the setting button in the left pane and click on Accounts and select the account from the list which you want to rename. You will find a label called Account name, here add the name which you like and click on save button.

In the settings page, you can also change your password and change other settings as well, like options for syncing, contacts and calendar and also control how frequently and how much new content to be downloaded. To delete the account from the apps, go to the account settings and click on delete account button and then click on delete.

Add new background picture for mail app

The new Mail app allow you to set the new background image by clicking on the Settings button and clicking on Options. In the options, click on Browse under the Background picture and select any image which you would like to set as background image. This is the global background image, as you cannot set the different image for every email account. Though the background image is the global setting, signature setting is not the global one. If you want to set different signature for different email account, you need to move between the accounts, click on the settings button and change signature under options.


New Mail and Calendar apps allow you to manage all your email accounts and calendars virtually from the single user interface. This means that you no need to log into different websites or additional apps, also Microsoft offers an environment with out ads and cross platform.

This is how to manage the multiple accounts, change and delete the settings in the Calendar and Mail apps.

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