How to install WordPress on Windows

WordPress is the most popular content management system used by more than half of the bloggers in the world for building their websites. If you want to access WordPress you need to do it from the browser, but now here we will show how to access WordPress locally on a Windows system. For this we need to install a freeware called as Instant WordPress.

Instant WordPress

  • Instant WordPress can make any Windows PC into the WordPress development server and it is the standard portable WordPress development environment.
  • Instant WordPress includes the Apache Web server, MySQL and PHP which starts and stops automatically.
  • Instant WordPress comes with dummy posts and pages and so the best solution for development purposes.
  • Installing it is very easy just like any other Windows application.

How to install WordPress on Windows

  • First download WordPress from here which is of size around 58.8 MB.
  • Click on the downloaded file and this will open up an installation wizard. Follow the on-screen instructions and choose the destination folder and this will finish the installation process.


  • During installation InstantWP doesn’t make any registry entry. As this is the portable application users can run it directly from the folder. You can also run it from the USB drive.

Starting InstantWP

  • Navigate to the folder where you installed instant WordPress and here find InstantWP.exe file.
  • Click on it and this will open Instant WordPress control panel.
  • Now open the local WordPress URL and open it in the browser to check the front page of your WordPress website.

How to use

Instant WordPress control panel comes with different navigation menu options which you might be familiar with. Below is the list of menu items.

  • WordPress FrontPage will carry the link of the homepage of the WordPress site.
  • WordPress Admin, will contain the list of username and password. Use them to login to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Plugins and themes folder, will open up themes and plugins folders in the file explorer.
  • MySQL database admin, Use the username and password shown in the menu item to login to your PHP MyAdmin. Use this to look at your site’s internal structure.

As WordPress is an Open source project, so it will be getting updates and patches regularly. It is best to have the latest version of WordPress. Instant WordPress offers you an option to upgrade the WordPress software automatically whenever it detects the update is available. We had a test run of Instant WordPress on our Window 8 computer, it worked fine without any issues, you can continue.

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