How to install Android SDK on Windows PC

If you are a Android developer, then you need to install Android SDK on your Windows PC. It is not that difficult to install Android SDK, but it is bit confusing for the new users because Android SDK bundle doesn’t come with the regular installer. Let us see here how to install Android SDK bundle on your Windows computer.

Install Java

Android SDK requires java to be installed on your PC, so before installing the SDK you need to have the working version of java on your PC. If you haven’t installed java then download it from the official website and to confirm the presence of java on your PC then run the following command.

java -version

Once confirming the presence of java on your PC then proceed to install the Android SDK.

How to install Android SDK on Windows PC

  • It is very easy to install Android SDK on Windows PC. Just go to Android developer website and here click on Download Android studio for Windows button. This contains all the tools like SDK tools, platform tools, Eclipse plugin.
  • Click on Download button and accept the terms and conditions. Next select whether your system is 32 bit or 64 bit and click on download button again and this will start downloading Android SDK for windows.
  • After downloading extract the ADT folder onto the C drive and rename the folder to Android such that it will be easy for you to navigate.


  • To make Android SDK work effectively, you need to set the environment variables such that you no need to enter full path to the SDK tools whenever you want to use them.
  • Press Win+X keys and select system from the power user menu to set the environment variables. This action will open System window and here click on Advanced system settings and this will open advanced tab in system properties window.
  • In this window click on environment variables and this will open environment variables window.


  • Scroll down and select variable path under system variables and then click on edit button.
  • Now enter the below path into edit box and click on OK to save the changes.

That’s it, you have successfully installed Android SDK on your Windows PC and you can start using the Android tools like adt and fastboot as you need them.


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