How to insert picture into comment in Excel 2013

Excel is the most important Office tool which is used by most of us in our daily life. If you have got any Excel document from your friend or colleague and would you want to leave your comment about the document. While adding the comment a specific cell in the worksheet suffice, by posting the picture which could be more astute, especially in cases like when you want to explain the formulas and to describe something meaningful. Instead of inserting the text description into the comments you can insert an image into the comment in Excel 2013. Let us see here how to do that.

How to insert picture into comment in Excel 2013

  • Right click in a cell where you want to add the comment and select Insert comment.
  • Now enter the text which is to be displayed in the comment.
  • Right click on the edge of the comment box to display the context menu and then select the Format comment and then you need to place your cursor on the highlighted  edge on the editable comment before right clicking to launch the context menu. If your cursor is on the text portion of the comment, then context menu will function in different manner.


  • In the format content box, go to the colors and lines tab and expand the Color drop-down list and choose Fill effects.


  • In the next Windows that opens, select the picture tab and then click on the Select picture option.
  • Now browse for the image file on your PC and then click on OK.
  • Later click on the comment box to display the re-sizing handles, here you can adjust the comment box sizes.

That’s it, this is how to insert the picture into the comment box in Excel 2013. When you select the inserted picture in the worksheet, Excel adds the picture tools contextual tab to the Ribbon with its sole format tab and it is classified into the following groups.

  • Adjust
  • Picture styles
  • Arrange
  • Size

Also there is a Reset button present which allows you to remove all the formatting changes made and return the picture to the state how it was when you originally inserted into the worksheet.

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