How to increase Disk space of Virtual Machine in VMware

VMware allows you to easily install operating systems in the virtual environment. if you are using VMWare, then you need to specify the maximum disk space while setting up virtual machine. This will allow VMWare to assign the amount of disk space required to create the virtual machine. If you don’t allot enough disk space initially when setting up then you can run out space. So let us see here how to increase the disk space of the virtual machine in VMWare.

Before doing any modifications, make sure that you are having backup of your virtual machine. Here I am assuming that you have minimum knowledge of using regular partition management tools.

How to increase Disk space of Virtual Machine in VMware

Using Command Prompt

  • Using command prompt, first thing you need to do is shut down the virtual machine and make sure that there are no snapshots. If you saved previous snapshots delete them using VMWare Snapshot manager.
  • Open runbar by pressing Win+R keys and enter cmd command in it to open command prompt.
  • Navigate to the VMWare installation with the following command. If you have installed VMWare in another folder then change the file path.
    cd "C:Program File (x86)VMwareVMware Workstation"
  • If you want to increase the disk size, then execute the following command.
    vmware-vdiskmanager.exe -x 46Gb "G:Windows 8Windows 8.vmdk"


  • Customize the disk space in GB’s to how much you want the location of the virtual disk file as you required in the above command. If you are having multiple vmdk files then use the file which doesn’t include -flat or -so in file name.

That’s it after executing the command virtual disk size will be increased in VMWare and that increased space will appear as unallocated space in your guest OS. To extend or to create the new partition you can use built-in partition management tool.

Using VMWare GUI

Using VMWare GUI is the another method to increase virtual disk space.

  • Open VMWare application, select virtual machine and click on Edit virtual machine settings.


  • This will open virtual machine settings window and here go to hard disk category and click on Expand under Disk utilities section.
  • After click on Expand, it will open Expand Disk Capacity and here enter disk space in GB’s and click on Expand.


  • This action will resizes the disk and displays the confirmation message.


  • Now log into your guest OS and use partition management tool to manage the unallocated space.

That’s it, it is that easy to increase the virtual disk size in VMWare either using command prompt or VMWare interface.

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