How to import iTunes playlists to Groove music in Windows 10

Recently, Microsoft has introduced new Groove Music app and if you are making an upgrade to Windows 10, then there is a chance of using the Groove music app. It is not completely the new app, but the predecessor to the existing Xbox Music app on Windows 8.1. A simple nifty feature is bringing your stuff from iTunes with minimal hassle. Now it is very easy to bring your playlists from iTunes into the new app.


How to import iTunes playlists to Groove music in Windows 10

  • First slide out the hamburger menu from the left side of the screen.
  • Now click on the cog towards the bottom to open Settings.
  • Now under Music on this PC section you will find an option import iTunes playlists.
  • Click on it then press import in the box that will popup.

That’s it all you need to import the iTunes playlists to the Groove music in Windows 10. From here Groove music app will do its thing and once after completing the iTunes playlists will be available. Creating the playlist in iTunes actually requires music to be on your computer, Groove will not have any issue of locating and playing your music.

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  • Armin7734

    Anyone encountering problems with importing playlist from iTunes? I’m looking for away to get rid of the leftovers of my apple phase and Groove seems ok. But when I want to import the playlists, it imports some old playlist which I deleted some time ago, but skips newer ones…