How to import Google Play music library to Groove on Windows 10

Microsoft has replaced Xbox Music app with Groove Music in Windows 10. All your music can be stored in single place in Groove music. Here let us see how to import all your music from Google Play Music to the Groove music on Windows 10. Importing from the iTunes music is very easy, but Google doesn’t have the desktop layer for its music service, but there is an other way to import the music from Google Play Music to Groove Music app.

How to import Google Play music library to Groove on Windows 10

  • First you need to download the Google Music Manager application for your Windows desktop from the link below. If you have uploaded your music to Google cloud already then you will have it.

Download Google Music Manager 

  • This helps you to download your music library from Google. Follow the below steps to download your library from Google.
    • Open Google Play Music Manager app.
    • Here select the option to download your library.
    • Select the location on your computer, where to save the downloaded files.
  • After downloading the music files, the steps are similar to importing any music files to the Groove from your computer.
    • Open Groove music app on your PC.
    • Click on the cog icon to open Settings.
    • Here under Music on this PC option click on Choose where we look for music.
    • Now click on button and then navigate to the folder where you have downloaded your library to.
  • All the music that you have in the Google’s cloud will now available offline, on your PC in the Groove music app.

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