How to force close Xbox One apps

Xbox One has got the ability to resume apps and games and this is applicable even after turning off the Xbox system.This feature is very useful when finishing the single player games even after being interrupted by the errands. If you get any problem with any Xbox One game or application, or if you just want to switch to the another application, then let us see here how to force close the Xbox One apps.


How to force close Xbox One apps

  • If you are using any game or app on the Xbox, then press the Xbox controller on your Xbox controller. This will take you to the Xbox home.
  • Now make sure that the big tile application is highlighted and the press the Menu button on your Xbox controller.
  • From the options click on Quit option.

That’s it, this will close the game completely. Now you can re-open the game or app and this won’t resume where you left off, but this helps you to reset the frozen game.

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