How to fix Windows cannot change the password error

If you are facing problems when changing the user account password on your Windows PC then this tutorial is for you. Sometimes when you try to change the user account password in Windows, you may get an error Windows cannot change the password or Your account password is managed by the system administrator error. In such situations you cannot change the password of your account. Even it doesn’t matter if you already having an existing password set for your account on Windows or not, you may mess up with this error always and unable to change the password. Let us see here how to fix this error.


Method 1: Using Computer Management

  • First open Computer Management on your Windows PC using below methods.
    • Right click on Computer icon and click on Manage option and this will open Computer Management Window.
    • Execute compmgmt.msc command in Runbox.
    • If you are using Windows 8 you can open it from Power user menu by pressing Win+X keys.
  • In the computer management window go to Local users and Groups > users section.
  • In the next screen click on user account which is not allowing to change the password from the right side pane and this will open properties window.
  • Here uncheck the User cannot change password checkbox and apply the changes.

That’s it, the problem is fixed and now try changing the password.

Method 2: Using command prompt

If the above method doesn’t work then follow this method.

  • Press Win+X keys and from the Power user menu select Command Prompt(Admin) option.
  • Execute the following command in command prompt.
    net user username /Passwordchg:yes
  • In the above command replace username with your username. If your username contain space then put your username inside the double-quotes.

That’s it now try changing the password.

Method 3: Using Ctrl+Alt+Del

  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Del keys to open the CAD screen.
  • From the options click on Change a password option.

That’s it here you can change the password. This is the easy method to change the password.

Follow any of these methods and you will not get any error from next time when you change the user account password on your Windows computer.

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