How to fix the problem with website security certificate in Internet Explorer

Some times, when you are browsing something in Internet Explorer web browser on a Windows PC, you may not be able to open some web pages. Instead of this Internet Explorer will display a message that There is a problem with this website’s security certificate and suggest some actions to take. This error occurs due to the SSL certificates of the website, may be it is not issued by the trusted certification authority on the client side. It could intercept the data that you send to the server or maybe the certificate has been expired. Three possible action that you can take to solve this issue are,

  • Click on continue to this website(not recommended) – most of us do this directly.
  • Close the webpage if you have any doubts which it could be a malicious site.
  • Click on more information and on certificate error button to open information window.

If you get the message, there is a problem with website security certificate, then here are the steps to take.

  • It it is due to a genuine cause, then the website owner need to purchase the certificate for every web server from respective authorities. For this you need to contact website owner and complain about this issue.
  • To resolve this issue, you need to install Issuer CA on trusted Root certification authority container. In the internet options on your browser, add the URL to your trusted websites list and exit. Then open Internet Explorer browser and navigate to the site and click on continue. Now click on the certificate error and click on View certificates and then click on install certificates option and place it in the trusted certificates authority.
  • Incorrect time and date is one of the reason for this. So check your system clock – date and time, if it correct? Ok, otherwise change it to the correct time.

That’s it, these might be the reasons to getting security certificate for a website in Internet Explorer.

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