How to fix MSVCR100.dll is missing error

msvcr100.dll is missing error is one of the general error that most Windows users will come across. It is very to easy to fix it and there a two ways to fix this error. DLL stands for Dynamic Link Library and Windows contains lot of these files. This error arises when the Microsoft Visual C++ files is required by any programs which were made by Visual C++ and for some reason your system is not containing this file.

For this, the first you need to do is to download the following Visual C++ package on your Windows PC.

These files will replace the packages that you are having already on your Windows computer. However it may not succeed every time, if the file is missing or corrupted then replace or restore the file itself. You can get these files from internet, but make sure ahead of time that it is a safe site. Few old site will be having older or even corrupted files, but one safe site is 

When you navigate to the website, you will find white row of letters on the homepage. Here click on M for msvcr100.dll. To the right of white row of letters in the search box where you can type the file name.


Then in the next page where you can download the file. At the right side of the page, you will see the long gray rectangular box which will have Manual Fix at the upper left corner. It is available for free to download in zip format. At the bottom it will be labelled as Download Zip file and click on it.

After clicking on it, a box will popup asking you which operating system you are using as well as which version. After choosing the operating system and the version, a dialog box will appear and here select open with option to open the file. When you click on Open with, then this will launch a WinZip box which contains the file and readme .txt file. Here click on the msvcr100.dll file to highlight it and click on Extract to option.

When you click on Extract to option, you will betaken to the msvcr100.dll file and putting it to the location where it is supposed to be on your computer. Here you need to extract the file to C:WindowsSystem32 folder and then copy it to C:WindowsSysWOW64 file to add the file to the Windows operating system. If have either restored or replaced the file and that’s it what you need to do. If you are still getting the issue, boot into safe mode and perform a complete malware/virus scan.


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  • Danniella Cloud

    Thanx for sharing. Recently such error occurs on my computer. I just loaded this MSVCR100 from this site and after that restarted computer. It’s very simple.