How to fix MAPI was unable to load information service Msncon.dll error

Microsoft has released preview version for Office 2013 suite. One of our reader who is using Microsoft Office 2010 has updated to Office 2013 suite. He uninstalled Office 2010 and installed Office 2013. Everything is okay till now, but when he tried to open Microsoft Office 2013, he got the MAPI was unable to load information service Msncon.dll error.



This error message will not offer any useful information. After dong some research in Microsoft forums we found that it is the common problem which occurs in all the Outlook versions like 2003, 2007 and 2010 and now same error is occurring in 2013 version too.

This error is related to Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector, if you had uninstalled the Hotmail connector when uninstalling the previous Office version, some files and Registry settings of this Hotmail connector get corrupted in Windows. This is the reason for getting the above error when you open Microsoft Outlook app in Office 2013 suite.

The solution for this error is to repair the Outlook Hotmail Connector and this can be solved either through Control Panel or by running it setup again from the beginning. This will solve the issue and you can open Microsoft Outlook with out any problem.

The problem is that the above solution works fine for previous Outlook versions, it doesn’t work on Outlook 2013 because Outlook Hotmail connector doesn’t support this version. There is another to solve this issue. Deleting MSMAPI32.dll file located in C:Program FilesCommon FilesSystemMSMAPI1033  folder can solve this issue. But when we tried this and opened Outlook 2013, it again showed the same error, because MSMAPI32.dll was again created by Outlook.

Finally we extracted EXE file of Outlook Hotmail Connector using the ZIP file extractor and found MSI file and again we extracted MSI file and found MSNCON32.dll inside it. We copied this file into C:Program FilesCommon FilesSystemMSMAPI1033 folder. That’s it the trick has worked and we didn’t get any error.

If you face this error you can do the following tricks,

  • Reinstall Outlook Hotmail connector
  • If above method doesn’t work, then extract the above said dll file and copy it to the above said folder.

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