How to fix Cannot create file error in Resource Hacker


Resource Hacker is the lightweight but great tool to customize the system files like CPL, EXE, DLL and more and even you can modify the Windows look by editing Windows files and replacing resources using Resource Hacker. It allow you to even modify system menus, replace images, dialog boxes, text strings and more other things as you like. It can help you to customize your Windows UI completely. Many of the Windows theme makers use Resource Hacker to create the themes.

The problem with Resource Hacker is when you modify a file, you cannot save it directly because those are Windows files and are being used by Windows. A built-in service called as Windows File Protection runs in background and this prevents modification of any system file. For this you need to use an utility called as Replacer which replaces the original file with the modified one.

Download Replacer

Lot of times many users were facing an issue while they are saving a modified file in Resource Hacker. When they try to save the file they are getting Cannot Create file error. Let us see here what is the reason behind this problem and how to fix this.

Whenever you modify the system file in Resource Hacker and save it, then Resource Hacker will create the backup file automatically with name in the format like original_file_name_original.extension. Let us consider if you modify shell32.dll file, resource hacker will create the backup file with the name as shell32_original.dll in the same directory. Backup file is created for the safety purpose as it let you restore the original file using backup.

This backup file is the reason behind Cannot create file error and this occurs when you try to save the file which has been already modified and contains a backup file for it. When Resource Hacker tries to save Backup for the file you are modifying, it finds the already existing backup file in the same directly and so returns the Cannot create file error.

How to fix

It is very simple to fix this issue. All you need to do is just delete the backup file and that’s it, the error message will disappear and save the file again. Navigate to the folder which contains the original file which are modifying now and trying to save/ You will find the backup file with the same name along with suffix original. Delete this backup file and a new backup file will be created in the same place, which solves your problem.

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