How to fix 80010100 error, Windows Live Messenger Sign in issue

If you are using Windows Live Essentials and using the latest version of Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 version, then you might have come across the sign in issue in the Windows Live Messenger app. When you are trying to sign into the WLM then you will get the below error message.

Signing into Windows Live Messenger Beta failed because the service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. Error Code: 80010100.

The reason behind this error is due to any of the below reason.

  • Contacts cache in your Windows Live Messenger account is corrupted.
  • Faulty date and time settings in your PC.
  • Windows Firewall is blocking the Windows Live Messenger service on your PC.

There are four different method to fix this issue and they are listed below in detail.


How to fix 80010100 error, Windows Live Messenger Sign in issue

Method 1: Clear Windows Live contact cache
  • Open Task manager on your PC either by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+ESC keys or right click on taskbar and click on Task Manager from the options.
  • In the Task Manager window navigate to the Processes tab and make sure that wlcomm.exe services are not running. If any of the service is running then select it and click on End Process.
  • Now open RUN dialog box and enter the below command.
    Local SettingsApplication DataMicrosoft
  • This will open a new window and here find the Windows Live Contacts folder and delete it.

That’s it, Windows Live contact cache is deleted from the PC and this may solve your issue, if not then follow the second method.

Method 2: Allow Windows Live Messenger to access the internet

If Windows Firewall is activated on your computer, then either disable it at least allow the Windows Live Messenger to access the internet through the Firewall. For this go to Firewall settings and here make sure that Windows Live Messenger is present in the allowed applications list.

Method 3: Correct data and time settings

Right click on the system clock located in the system tray and click on Adjust Date/Time option. Set the correct time according to your timezone.

Method 4: Disable Check for Server Certificate Revocation option in Internet Explorer
  • Launch Internet Explorer and click on Tools > Internet Options.
  • Here click on the Advanced tab and scroll down and disable Check for Server Certificate Revocation option under the Security section.
  • Apply the changes and restart Internet Explorer.

That’s it, your issue must be solved by anyone of the above shown methods. Try above method one by one and this error will be definitely fixed.

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