How to find WiFi Password on Windows 10

Forgetting WiFi password is a common scenario among Windows Users. It might occur when you are using a password since a very long time and never had the need to enter the password again. Resetting the router to get the password again is not always an advisable option, provided there are a couple of easy ways using which you can get the password of your WiFi connection, however, this works only if you have connected to that particular WiFi network using your Windows Machine.

In this post, I am going to share a couple of ways which will help you to get the WiFi connection password. Read below

Retrieve WiFi password in Windows 10

Using Control Panel

This is the most commonly used way of making changes to your WiFi connection or retrieving the password. Simply navigate to Control Panel and click on Network & Sharing Center.

Network & Sharing Center Windows 10

On the new Window which opens, spot your WiFi connection and double click on it. You will see a new dialogue box opening up. Click on Wireless properties and then go to the security tab.

WiFi settings Windows 10

Tick the check box below Network Security Key, which reads Show characters and you will have the WiFi password in front of you.

Using Command Prompt

The second way of retrieving the password is a little tricky and I see no way you will be preferring this one over the first, however, for knowledge, I am going to share this option as well.

Simply open command prompt from start menu and type in the following command

netsh wlan show profile name=YOURWIFINAME key=clear

Do not forget to replace your connection name with YOURWIFINAME in the code above.

WiFi password using CMD

The circled text on the screenshot above will show you the WiFi password.

I hope this post was useful. Let me know if you’ve any queries and I will try my best to answer them for you.

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