How to find secret start menu built into Windows 8.1

It is known fact that Microsoft has removed the start menu from Windows 8.1 Operating System, but there is hidden start menu in Windows 81. Yes, it is true, you can add the the start menu of sorts to the Windows 8.1 taskbar without need of any third party application. All the ability is built into Windows itself.

But there are three caveats here, first it is very small for touch screens, you need a mouse for this. Second the modern apps cannot launch from this menu and third thing is it doesn’t work with Windows 8.0 version ( it works perfectly on Windows 7, which means that it is completely redundant).


How to find secret start menu built into Windows 8.1

  • To make this hidden menu to appear, you need to first unhide the hidden files.
  • Open File Explorer on your Windows 8.1 device, click on view tab and then check Hidden Items option in the Show/Hide section.
  • Now right click on anywhere on the taskbar and select Toolbars > New toolbar. This will open File Explorer and then navigate to C:ProgramDataMicrosoftWindowsStart MenuPrograms and here click on select folder.
  • If you want you can hide no-longer hidden files and here recheck Hidden items option.
  • Now new toolbar named programs will appear on the right side of taskbar. Now click on the Chevron present to the right of the word programs which pulls up the menu.
  • Now you will find few applications directly on the menu and the remaining old-fashioned desktop applications will be different sub-menus. Submenus are the subfolders inside programs folder. To create the additional submenu, right click the Programs toolbar and select the Open folder and create a new folder. You don’t need to open the folder to make the other changes. You can also rearrange the menu as you want by just dragging up and down or just dragging them in and out of submenus.
  • You will want your favorite programs on the main part of the menu rather than in submenu. But by default, three modern apps will be located in main menu.

The only way to fix this issue this problem to delete those three shortcuts.

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