How to enable automatic replies with Office assistant in Outlook 2013

Microsoft has introduced the Automatic replies feature or also called as Vacation mode feature in Outlook 2010 and continued it in Outlook 2013 as well. It is one of the best feature to notify the colleagues and clients that you are away from the Office and inform them when you are coming back. It is very simple to turn on this feature in both Outlook Desktop client and remotely using Outlook 2013 Web Access client.

How to enable automatic replies with Office assistant in Outlook 2013

  • Open Outlook and then click on File to change the Outlook view to Account Information.
  • Then click on the Automatic replies option and then select the radio button Send automatic replies.
  • Then you just need to type the text which you would like to send to the people who you send the email.

If you want to send the modified out of Office message to the one who is outside your company, then just click on the option Outside my Organization and then copy and paste or you can also type the preferred email text you want and it will be sent to everyone else and then click OK.


That’ s it, from now even if you are out of Office, the send will be informed with an automated reply that you are out of Office. And, so you do not forget that the Auto reply feature is enabled and the text Automatic replies will be displayed on the top left corner of your Outlook client as the remainder than your out of Office assistant is enabled and working.

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