How to effectively manage user accounts in Windows 8

Whenever you want to create a new user account or delete the existing one, then you will do it by using the User Account panel located in the Windows Control panel. If you have ever used this process to create the new user accounts on your system, then you know that this option doesn’t offer much control over creating the new users such as password settings, user description and more. Most of the users doesn’t know that Windows has buried computer management settings deeply which are used to extend the control over the user creation and management process. In this article we are going to show you how to manage the user accounts in Windows 8 effectively.

How to effectively manage user accounts in Windows 8

Creating user account

  • It is very easy to create the user accounts using the computer management tool. For this, press Win+X keys  to open Power User Menu and select Control panel from the options. If you are using Windows 7, then search for control panel from the start menu.
  • Once going to control panel, find Administrative tools option and click on it. This will open Administrative tools windows which contains Windows admin tools.
  • In the Administrative Tools window, find Computer Management option and then click on it.


  • In the computer management window, navigate to System tools > Local users and Groups and then click on Users. Now in the right side pane, you can see all the user accounts on your PC are listed.
  • Now right click on the right side pane and select New User option to create the new user account and this will open New User window.
  • Here enter the desirable User name, Full name, password, reenter password and all the textboxes. Here you have two options to select, if you want to force the user to change the password after first login then select the checkbox User must change the password at next login. If you want to restrict the user from ever changing password then deselect the previous option and select new option User cannot change password. After making the changes then click on Create button to create the new user account.

That’s it, now you have created the new user account and listed in the users list.

Managing user accounts

  • In the same Window, you can manage the user accounts and the administrator account. For this click on any user account from the list and select properties option from the context menu.
  • This will open properties window and click on the General tab and here you can change the user account name, description and password settings.
  • If you select the option Account is disabled then this will block a user from logging in.
  • If you would like to change the group membership then click on member tab and here you can find current group which the user is member of. If you would like to change that then simply click on Add button and new user group.
  • Click on Profile tab to make the custom changes to the User Profile, this can be done by navigating to profile tab.
  • If you want to delete any user account then just right click on the username and click on delete option from context menu.


  • This will open a dialog box with a warning message saying that all the user data will be deleted and click on Yes button to continue.


That’s it, this is how to create and manage the user accounts on your Windows PC using the Computer Management tool. When deleting a user account we recommend to disable the user account rather than deleting it.

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