How to download offline maps in Windows 10

Maps applications in Windows 10 helps the users to search the places and get directions. Last year Microsoft has introduced an offline maps support for maps in Windows Phone in collaboration with HERE maps. Now Maps in Windows 10 with various improvements has been enhanced and Microsoft has succeeded in delivering universal Maps app which even works on desktop.

Windows 10 offers the ability to download offline maps which can be used whenever you want even without using internet. This helps you to access the maps and get directions without need of connectivity which is very useful for the travellers to get the directions.

How to download offline maps in Windows 10

  • To get started, click on Settings option under start menu.
  • In the settings panel choose System option.


  • Now under system settings, select Offline Maps. Now in the right panel, you can see many map related options and under Maps section click on Download Maps option.


  • This will display the seven continents around the world, here select the specific continent to proceed.


  • Here select the country of which you want the map. You can also select to download maps of more than one country using multi-select option that is present in bottom bar. Remember that it will consume large data to download the maps.
  • You can also select the particular state or region if it is available.
  • After selecting the multiple regions click on download button located at the bottom bar. Clicking upon it, selected maps data will be downloaded one by one.

Use Maps in Offline mode in Windows 10


After downloading the required maps, you can access these maps completely even when you are offline. Now launch the in-built Maps app on your Windows 10 PC that is listed in the start menu or just search for Maps using search bar. Downloaded offline maps can provide all place details, directions for your search queries. You can also use the navigation feature that comes in-built that provides turn-by-turn directions until your destination.

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