How to disable integrated webcam in Windows 8

Most of the laptops, desktops and notebooks comes with in-built webcam which help you for video chatting, login and facial authentication etc., As the webcams are used widely there is a chance of stealing the personal information. So to avoid unwanted usage situations, manufacturers includes LED light present next to webcam which will glow when webcam is running. But most of the security engineers has proved that this LED light can be easily turned off by just tweaking some related files or drivers. This can be done for integrated webcams as well as external webcams.

To avoid all these things, there are few solutions like covering the webcam with tape, unplugging webcam, using win32 API functions or any other third party utilities. Here we are going to show the easier way to disable the built-in webcam with just few clicks using the Windows inbuilt tools.

How to disable integrated webcam in Windows 8

We use Device Manager tool to disable the webcam module on your windows computer.

  • Launch the Run Bar by pressing WIN+R keys and type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter button to open device manager.
  • In the Device Manager window locate Imaging devices and double-click on it and you will get Integrated webcam option. If you are using external webcam then you will get something like USB Camera.


  • Now right click on Integrated webcam and click on Disable option to disable the integrated or USB attached webcam completely on your PC.



  • Here you will see a pop-up window with a warning that Disabling this device will cause it to stop functioning. Do you really want to disable it?, click on Yes to finish disabling the webcam.
  • Once webcam has been disabled, device manager will display a small down arrow icon located next to webcam module which represents the device being down.

Re-enable webcam

If you want to re-enable the webcam in future, then just open the device manager again and right-click on the webcam and select the option Enable.

That’s it this is the simple way to disable and re-enable the integrated webcam without messing up with the DIY stuff. Of Course there are some third party applications which you can use to disable the webcam like WebCam on-off, but you don’t want to install any application then this is the best method. WebCam on-off is the simple portable application which works without any unnecessary settings.

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