How to disable Adobe Flash cookies on your Windows PC

Every time after completing every session, I delete Flash cookies every time. But recently I found that I can simply restrict or disable the Adobe Flash cookies, which prevents the sites from storing the flash cookies on my PC. Flash Cookies are one of the type of Internet cookie which can be configured using both online and offline methods.

How to disable Adobe Flash cookies on your Windows PC

Flash Player settings – Local Settings

Adobe website contains Flash cookie manager which lets you to specify how the Flash cookies should behave on your PC. here you will find a control panel option and the Adobe says that local Flash Player Manger settings supersede the settings that you have changed through their website.

To open local Flash player settings, open Control panel and then click on Flash player. A dialog box will open similar to below.



By default, the value is to Allow all websites to store data, change this to Block all sites from storing information. Click on Delete all … option and then on Delete all site data and settings to delete the traces completely. Finally click on Delete data to delete all the prior data.


Now come back to the storage tab of the Flash Player dialog box, here you can set up the permissions for some specific websites you want.

Flash Player settings online

Visit Macromedia site to access the online Global settings for Flash on your Windows computer. These are called global settings as the changes are applied to all the websites with Flash content that you visit on your computer. If you go to the Macromedia site you will be taken to the storage settings. Once you are there, uncheck Allow third party Flash content to store data on your computer option.

Now on the same screen, drag the slider to the left and make sure the unwanted websites doesn’t store any data on your computer. If you mess with any issues in playback from any websites or when playing any flash based games, then go to Control panel > Flash player and add the website to the list of allowed websites. You can do this using Local Storage settings by site.

On video sites use the context menu, on the site by site basis, right click on any video on the preferred websites. When you right click on the Flash video player, this will open a context menu. Here click on Settings and move the slider to the left and here it says none. This disable the cookies from that website.

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